Annual Report


Our 2020/21 annual report is now live!

When the pandemic hit, thousands of people facing hearings were left bewildered by the threat of the pandemic, and the impact it would have on an already confusing justice system. We didn’t waste any time, stepping up to be there for those who needed us most. We quickly developed effective support services online including telephone, video-links and e-mails. Despite the grueling impact of Covid across the country, we were able to stand alongside those navigating a complex justice system alone. We’re delighted to share our latest annual report, which shows how we did just that. 

Last year 74% of people felt less anxious after accessing our help. 

We’re proud of all that we’ve achieved in a challenging year, but w
here will we go from here? During the last 18 months we’ve learnt some really key lessons, and we want to hold on to them going forward. We’ll continue to be there for the most vulnerable people facing Civil and Family Court alone in England and Wales, doing our bit to ensure they can best represent themselves and secure a just and fair hearing. 

In fact, over the next five years we’re looking to make some big changes in the way that we work, so that we can double the number of clients we’re working alongside.  

You can view our new strategy summary here.