Support Through Court and Bond Solon film media release


Support Through Court will launch a new free online video to help those who represent themselves in court to understand the process and gain confidence. 

Appearing in court for the first time is intimidating. Support Through Court aims to reduce the disadvantage of people facing the civil and family justice system without a lawyer and believes that no one should face court alone. With over 600 dedicated volunteers, Support Through Court operate across England and Wales, providing both practical and emotional support. Last year their volunteers helped people on over 50,000 occasions. 

The charity does not offer legal advice but provides support to clients in a variety of other ways including explaining how the court system works, helping to fill in court forms and papers, and accompanying clients to their hearings. 

The new free video will be available to all litigants in person and gives a valuable insight into the basics of going to court.  

It was produced in conjunction with Mark Solon of Bond Solon, a training company that has led the way in providing training in the law to non-lawyers. Mark hosts the seven-minute video that will be available on Support Through Court’s website from 3 June. 

Emma Taylor, Chief Executive of Support Through Court, says: ‘Now, more than ever, people facing court as litigants in person are going online to determine their next steps. There’s a wealth of information out there but this can be overwhelming, especially if someone isn’t as familiar with technology. We were delighted to work with Bond Solon to provide an invaluable resource for people who have no one to turn to.’ 

Mark Solon says:We have distilled in this short video vital information for all litigants in person. We have used plain language with subtitles. The intention is that litigants will feel more confident and more effective at a hearing which will help the judge and save time. 

From 3 June, the video will be available to watch at 

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