Celebrating 2021

Whilst 2021 was a challenging year, there is much that we're grateful for. Thank you to all those who played a part in enabling us to help more people going through court as litigants in person.

Highlights include: 
  • Most Dedicated Legal Support Assistance Provider 2021 - England and Wales (SME News Awards) - Support Through Court has been been awarded 'Most Dedicated Legal Support Assistance Provider 2021' by SME News. Congratulations to the volunteers, and thank you for continuing to support vulnerable individuals across the UK and Wales as they face the courts alone.
  • 41, 454 clients assisted by local services
  • 13,366 clients assisted by our National Helpline
  • We now have over 50 Guardians, including organisations and individuals
  • Our annual report launched this October, revealing our client satisfaction rate of 100%
We're excited about what's ahead in 2022, with the development of our new national, remote service, and the work we'll do to support even more people who aren't being represented in court. But for now it's time to celebrate all that we've achieved! Thank you for the part you played in helping us achieve these amazing things.