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Guardians Network Drinks Reception 2021 - It’s been a long time since we were able to host an event of any kind but that made our Guardians Network reception all the more enjoyable!

Last week, we gathered with friends, supporters, and trustees to celebrate our Guardians: the amazing group committed to investing in
 our future, and in ensuring no one goes through court alone. Our ambitious new strategy aims to double the number of clients we work with, not just face-to-face but through a National Helpline and new remote service. Our Guardians are a group committed to investing in what we do, helping us make these plans a reality.

It was great to dream and plan, discussing what it looks like to safeguard our future: the Rt. Hon. Lady Justice Andrews, a supporter herself
, with experience of witnessing volunteers support litigants in person in her court, encouraged attendees to think about what it might be like to step into a courtroom if you’ve never been in one before

The loyalty, warmth and dedication of 
Guardians who’ve decided to give over the next three years is so appreciated. If you’re a Guardian and you’re reading this, know that our work to make justice more accessible would not be possible without you. We’re very thankful.

Most Dedicated Legal Support Assistance Provider 2021
- England and Wales (SME News Awards) - Support Through Court has been been awarded 'Most Dedicated Legal Support Assistance Provider
2021' by SME News. Congratulations to the volunteers, and thank you for continuing to support vulnerable individuals across the UK and Wales as they face the courts alone.

Best Legal Support Volunteers 2020
– England and Wales (SME News Awards) - Support Through Court have been awarded 'Best Legal Support Volunteers 2020, England & Wales'. Our volunteers provide invaluable support to vulnerable individuals across England & Wales and have been recognised for all of their hard work. Well done to everyone who has volunteered with us, and thank you. 

Civil Justice Council proposes better assistance for vulnerable witnesses (20th February 2020) - The Civil Justice Council published its final report on problems that vulnerable witnesses and other parties face in civil courts. The Council highlighted Support Through Court's strong backing from members of the Judiciary and commended the work of the Litigant in Person Support Strategy. The Council also recommended that the Ministry of Justice increase its financial support to Litigants in Person (including to Support Through Court and other key charities).

Judge begs for donations to ease family courts crisis (9th February 2020) - Sir Andrew McFarlane, president of the Family Division for England and Wales, in a recent speech gave recognition to the importance of our volunteers in the Family Courts. Our volunteers' support has gained further recognition from The Sunday Times (behind paywall).


We do a variety of work to influence improvements to the court service for litigants in person including submitting policy papers, and conducting regular small-scale ‘spot surveys’ of clients on topical issues.

Whiplash brief - An argument to postpone implementation of reforms
The Government is planning to introduce reforms to ‘whiplash’ claims which will result in an increase in the threshold for small claims and set a fixed tariff compensation that reduces the level of damages that can be claimed. These changes will prevent more injured people from recovering their legal costs, and make it less likely for those in ‘whiplash’ claims to be able to afford legal advice.

Online Courts - an LiP perspective
The over-riding message is that the main barriers to using online court services are more about the legal system than about online access per se: people find the system complex and are fearful of making mistakes when the outcomes can have a significant impact on their lives. There is a sense that many people could use online court processes, but the vast majority clearly want a back-up mechanism for reassurance before they would feel truly confident.

Legal Language and its impact on Litigants in Person
This report summarises the findings from the 2017 survey on use of language in the court process.