Five Year Strategy


Looking ahead: our five year strategy

We’re looking to make some big changes in the way that we work so that we can support more clients than ever before. We won’t lose sight of the importance of face-to-face work, but we’ll take advantage of technology to connect with more people, in more places, more cost effectively.

In November 2023, we’ll launch an online service, Support Through Court Online, which will support clients who may or may not live near an existing office, in England or Wales. Volunteers will guide clients by video call, working together on online forms, and attending remote hearings with clients. Thank you to Nottingham Trent University for partnering with us on this project and for providing the facilities, and student volunteers, to make our online service a reality.

We will look to strengthen and grow our funding partnerships, increasing our University Partners, our Guardians network and hosting our first gala dinner. We will also build service partnerships, continuing to work closely with HMCTS. We have joined the HMCTS Strategic Engagement Group, representing our clients’ voices as well as being active members of Network for Justice groups.

Our strategy - summary version  

Our strategy - full version