2.6 Art Gallery Challenge

Not all 2.6 Challenges are physical. Here’s one for any of our more arty-minded supporters and friends which offers two ways to get involved…

Get crafty
Exercise your creativity and help create a collection of 26 unique, re-imagined famous artworks for our 2.6 Art Gallery. Simply:

  1. Choose an artwork and re-create it in any medium
  2. Take a photograph 
  3. Email a copy [JPEG 10MB] to: gallery26@supportthroughcourt.org
  4. Tell us who created the artwork you've sent us, the name of the original artwork and the artist who created it.

Exercise your brain
Guess the name of the original artwork depicted in each picture to see how many you can identify. Then, email us for the answers at gallery26@supportthroughcourt.org.

Take part in one or both parts of our 2.6 challenge. Have fun, encourage your friends to join in, and please give if you can.

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