Challenge Everest Manchester 2020


The event…

In teams of 5 you will compete against rival teams to achieve the greatest number of ascents to win the challenge! No previous climbing experience is necessary.

You will rotate around various climbing walls, completing ladder climbs, crimp climbs and volume climbs. You will complete the climbs in tag team drills (one person ascend, descend then pass it on to the next climber in your team)

As you complete the climbs your individual team will be counted off the heights of mountains across the globe…

Snowden (Wales) 1085m

Mount Tongario (New Zealand) 1978m

Mount Olympus (Greece) 2917m

Eiger (Switzerland) 3967m

Mont Blanc (France/Italy) 4810m

Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) 5895m

Chongra Peak (Pakistan) 6830m

Nuptse (Nepal) 7861m

…To see if as a collective group of competitors you can climb the height of Everest to achieve 8848m!

Event details:

Thursday 27th February 2020

Time: 6.30-8.30pm

Participants are welcome to stay afterwards for networking and complimentary hot drinks and nibbles

Registration cost: 
£10 per person

Fundraising target: 

Rock Over Climbing, Park Garage, Cheviot St, Manchester M3 1LW 201

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