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Let's create a fundraising page!

Thanks so much for taking the first step to fundraising for us! An online fundraising page is a great way to help you tell others about what you are doing and why our charity is important to you. It's easy to set up, provides a simple way to share what you are doing with friends and family, and enables you to quickly track your progress.

Start raising funds for people facing court alone

Do get in touch if you'd like more ideas, support and guidance about how to raise the money. All funds we receive will be used across the charity in areas where it's most needed.

Who can I help?

If you would like your fundraising page to be associated with a specific location or service, please select it below:

Having trouble creating your page? Email us for support.

What can I do?

We're grateful to our supporters for fundraising for us in a way that works for them. There are all sorts of ways you can be creative when fundraising for us! Use our A - Z of fundraising ideas to get you started or come up with your own creative idea.