Regional Legal Walks 2021


The Legal Walk is an annual fundraising event organised by Regional Legal Support Trusts across England and Reaching Justice Wales. 

    People from a wide range of law related settings join sponsored walk around their City to raise money for free legal advice charities. 
    There is no registration fee for any of the events, but all money raised by Support Through Court volunteers and supporters goes directly to the local Support Through Court service to continue providing support and advice to our clients.
    Following Government to restrict social contact the date of all Legal Walks have now been postponed from June to dates in September and October. 

If you would like to be involved in organising a team for your local Support Through Court Service please get in touch with the local Service Manager or email 

2021 Dates

London - Monday 18 October (Organised by LLST)


Birmingham - Monday 4 October (Organised by MLST)
Bristol - Thursday 30 September (Organised by SWLST)
Cardiff - date tbc (Organised by Reaching Justice Wales)
Chelmsford - date tbc (Organised by ELST)
Exeter - Thursday 23 September (Organised by SWLST)


Leeds - date tbc (Organised by YST)
Liverpool - date tbc (Organised by NWLST)
Manchester - Wednesday 29 September (Organised by NWLST)
Newcastle - Tuesday 5 October (Organised by NELST)
Nottingham - Tuesday 14 September (Organised by MLST)
Sheffield - Thursday 24 June (Organised by YST)