Why not run your own pub quiz?

Use your local pub, grab a few friends, and have a fun evening whilst raising money for charity.

One of our student volunteers, Tracy Tsao, recently organised her own pub quiz. She was able to raise an amazing £245 to support local people in need based at the Royal Courts of Justice, directly helping people through the intimidating court process.

With the help of her friends, Millie and Alina, she brought together a group of friends from their university (BPP) basing her event at The Grosvenor Pub in Pimlico. Tracy ran a raffle alongside the quiz to raise extra funds, creating an enjoyable night with the benefit of raising funds for charity.

Why not plan your own quiz event? It doesn't need to be in a pub - why not your local community centre, a restaurant, or even a place of worship?

Please contact events@thepsu.org.uk to speak to our fundraising team so we can support you in planning your event.