Breaking The News with the British Library


Breaking the News with the British Library

News has the power to make and break elections. Turn everyday people into overnight superstars. And bring them crashing back down to earth.

We base our opinions, decisions and arguments on it. It shapes the world around us – and the way we make sense of it.

But can it ever be truly objective? And is the news you consume the same as everyone else’s?

Join us and the British Library as we go through their new exhibition, Breaking the News, and discuss

  • How do your opinions and beliefs influence the news you choose?
  • When does news become propaganda?
  • Why do we devour crime stories and sensationalism?
  • Who decides which stories to suppress and which to spotlight?
With a presentation from lead curator Luke McKernan, it is set to be an insightful and intriguing discussion about how we engage with the news. A Q&A will follow after.

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This event will be hosted on Zoom. 

Date: Monday 16th May
Time: 6pm
Tickets are £5. A voluntary donation can also be added at checkout. Every donation towards this event will enable an individual to better access justice with the support of one of our volunteers and make a real difference to the lives of people going through court alone.