Murder Mystery Escape Room


Think you can solve a murder mystery? Then take on the challenge of our virtual Escape Room!

As the lead detective, you'll have to explore the estate, moving from room to room uncover the clues, solve puzzles, and identify the murderer to escape with your life. 

The Case Details

Cora Saunders' husband, Tom Saunders, has been convicted of her brutal murder. 

You have been invited to the victim's estate by an individual claiming to have important information about the killer. It's up to you to decide whether the police have the wrong man, or if there's more to the case that meets the eye. 

Rules and Tips

  • Select the evidence you believe to be correct based on the clues you have been given when prompted to do so.
  • Please use lower case when typing answers in free text boxes.
  • Make notes on each section and record the relevant details.
  • It’s a points-based game, so take time to consider the correct selections.

Get a team together and work with each other to solve the mystery of Cora Saunders. 

There will be the chance to leave a voluntary donation to Support Through Court once you've completed the game. Every gift helps provide access to a volunteer for a vulnerable person going through court.

Play HERE today.