How we help


Facing court without a lawyer?

We assist at all stages of the court process and can often help right away, or you can book an appointment. View our locations for your local office's contact and location information


How we help

We are a charity supporting people who face court alone so that they can represent themselves to the best of their ability.

Our service is free and based in court buildings.

Our aim is to help clients represent themselves to the best of their abilities so that they have the very best chance of securing a just result before the Courts.

Our volunteers will provide reassurance and practicable help, including:

  • Explain how the court works, help fill in forms, organise papers, and discuss settling issues without going to court
  • Help plan what you want to say in court, and if needed, go with you to court to provide support, take notes and help afterwards
  • Provide details of other specialist advice agencies and help you find out whether you can get free legal advice

Please note that we cannot provide legal advice. You may find useful information at Advice Now

How we help

How to get help

View our locations for your local office’s contact and location information.

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