Urgent appeal


Keep the doors to justice open

You can help us keep the doors to justice open, so that someone facing court without a lawyer can navigate through court and get the help and support they need. Because no one should face court alone.

We’re grateful to have been funded by the Ministry of Justice for eight years. But with changes to the way they fund charities supporting people going through court as litigants in person, we are facing doors closing from our biggest funder.

We’re working to keep our face-to-face services available to anyone who needs to drop in for support. Numbers of people facing court without a lawyer are increasing, as people struggle to afford a lawyer. Rising costs of living and a lack of legal aid are leaving too many people with nowhere to go.

Cuts to funding threaten our services

Now, with the threat of cuts to our funding, and concern that some of our services may have to close their doors, many people going through court without representation will be without the help and support they so desperately need. We've launched our urgent appeal, seeking to raise the £400,000 we need to support more people facing court alone.

Target: £

Donna's story

By donating to our urgent appeal, you’ll be helping people like Donna, an unemployed single mother who came to us for support. Donna was seeking advice after severe neglect from her local council authority left her homeless, resulting in her two children being taken away from her. One of our volunteers helped Donna to better understand her options moving forward, and also helped to sort through and complete complex legal documents, leaving Donna with a renewed sense of hope and optimism.

Your support could open a door and allow someone to access justice

Could you consider partnering with us?

The Guardians Network is a private network of like-minded philanthropic individuals and organisations who are passionate about helping the most vulnerable people in our society to get fair access to justice. Together they are making a real and lasting difference to thousands of vulnerable litigants in person across the UK. Guardians commit to donate at one of four levels for three years.

If you're interested in joining us, please contact Katie Baxter: k.baxter@supportthroughcourt.org

Thank you so much to all those who have donated. Donors include:

Edwin & Coe
29 Bedford Row
Laura Devine