Opportunities for students

With cuts to legal aid and the rising cost of living, more and more people are being left without the assistance they desperately need. Day in, day out, we’re there for people who can’t get legal support or advice. Many of our clients face life-changing issues, such as debt, bankruptcy, homelessness, and loss of contact with their children.

Based in court centres and university campuses across England and Wales, we provide volunteering opportunities that will help you develop professional skills. By engaging with their local community, our students build resilience by seeing the reality of challenges that people face, and how these challenges can go on to impact all corners of a person life.

Our volunteers often cite their experience volunteering with us as a key factor in supporting their entry into professional employment. The opportunities we offer enhance the student experience at university by helping students become ‘work-ready’ and increase employability, building experience for CVs, applications, and interviews.

We offer practical experience in a supported environment, including:

  • Client interviewing skills - learning to tailor support dependent on client need while effectively managing an appointment  
  • Soft skills in communication, active listening, problem solving, evaluating, dissecting information, and using initiative 
  • Interpersonal skills in engaging with people from all walks of life and insight into the issues affecting people in the local community, such as the cost-of-living crisis and mental health 
  • Experience in communicating with clients across multi-channel support means (online, phone and in-person appointments) 
  • Collaboration in supporting clients with experienced volunteers from the local community 
  • Increasing confidence and resilience 
  • Practical skills in completing legal applications and statements  
  • The unique opportunity to attend in-person and remote hearings to provide moral support and note taking (for debriefing purposes) 
  • Signposting to specialist organisations both local and national  
  • Experience of working in accordance with workplace policy and procedure 

How we'll support you

We will support you, so you grow your skills and confidence. You'll receive a planned induction, support from one of our Service Managers, and training. Most student volunteering opportunities begin at the start of an academic year. We ask for a minimum attendance of two full days or four half days per month during the academic year (this may not be applicable when on a placement).

All volunteers are required to attend four training sessions delivered remotely, and to spend time shadowing existing volunteers – either in person, or remotely. 

Fundraise with us

There are a wide range of fun activities that you can do to raise money for usUse our A-Z of Fundraising Ideas to get started. Anything you raise will have a significant impact. The money will go straight to helping people through the court process, improving access to justice.

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