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Note: Our London - Central Family Court and Royal Courts of Justice, London - West, London - Barnet, Exeter, Chelmsford, Liverpool Chester, Leeds and Southampton are currently not accepting volunteer applications at this time.

Equal opportunities

We are an equal opportunities organisation. We never forget the inequality our clients suffer as a result of appearing in court without a lawyer, which can be compounded by their special needs and / or economic or social status. We check regularly that equality is 1) An essential element in our recruitment, training and induction programme: volunteers are only accepted if they are able to support clients with complex and challenging needs. 2) Modelled by staff and volunteers, who challenge inappropriate behaviour or attitudes. 3) A core part of our house style and values: all clients are welcomed on arrival and we aim to see everyone straight away, or as soon as we can, depending on demand. 4) a consistent driver of all our development activity.