Thanks to our Volunteers


A message of thanks to our fantastic community of volunteers

Each one of you is part of a large and growing community of individuals dedicated to helping other people to help themselves. Support Through Court values all our volunteers working in courts across England and Wales and providing remote support through our national helpline.  

The number of people we support increases every year, and their feedback shows us that you offer a vital lifeline by helping them navigate the complexities of the justice system and empowering them to represent themselves to the best of their abilities – often while tackling hugely emotive problems. In 2020/21 we will see the first reduction in service delivery since 2013 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the social distancing required in these times. Your support is remains crucial to our clients and with your backing we will continue to provide vital support to LIPs as they go through the courts. 

The importance of your work is widely recognised within the judiciary, by legal professionals, and by other organisations operating in the legal landscape. We’re proud to have such an excellent community of award-winning volunteers, recognised most recently as Best Legal Support Volunteers 2020 by the SME News Awards. Your commitment to our cause enables us to provide vital support to LIPS within the 20 courts our units call home. 

Such awards are welcome as public recognition of you and the services you provide, but I know that for most of you, the appreciation of the clients is the best reward. You tell me that your greatest satisfaction comes when you know you’ve helped someone to face a court hearing with more confidence, or to see a clearer path through the confusion, and ultimately to look ahead to a more positive future. 

Please accept my thanks as well, to every one of you, for your commitment to helping the thousands of people who would otherwise be facing court alone.

Eileen Pereira, CEO of Support Through Court

Thanks from our clients