Ernest's Story


Ernest arrived at our charity after he had been threatened with eviction. 

He was an elderly gentleman and his carer accompanied him. He had a hearing regarding rent arrears and asked if we could help.

Once I had made him a cup of coffee, he explained what had happened. Due to cuts to his benefits, the council was not paying his full rent anymore and he had therefore fallen behind with paying his rent. It was clear that Ernest and his carer were very distressed and angry about the situation. I listened attentively to what Ernest and his carer said and agreed that his situation must seem unfair. I think talking to me and venting their concerns made them feel calmer and supported. They were pleased that someone was listening to them. I then explained the procedure to him and what to expect of the court process. I arranged for him to meet with a duty solicitor and during his appointment with them, I took notes so he would remember what to bring along to his next appointment.

Without the charity's support, Ernest would have felt unsupported, lost and confused. However after they left, he and his carer felt a lot better about the situation. The case had been adjourned and I was there to help and support them. The duty solicitor was also on hand to support them and was going to apply for Ernest to receive legal aid.