Join the Support Through Court Alumni Committee


Join the Alumni Committee and increase awareness of Support Through Court by organising fundraising events.

What is the Alumni Committee?

The Alumni Committee is a new and exciting group of young people, responsible for organising local events for students and young professionals including the Support Through Court  Alumni and new potential donors and supporters. An essential part of these events is also to raise awareness of the vital work of the Support Through Court .

What will you be doing?

Every year, the Alumni Committee will organise three fundraising events including: panel discussions, networking fairs, art exhibitions, musical evenings or balls. You will help to raise a minimum of £500 per event for, and awareness of, people who have to face court alone. All the money raised by the Committee will go to support the Support Through Court. Examples of roles on the Alumni committee include:

Event Chair (1): You will lead the committee of eight volunteers to organise one of the events.

Logistics Team (2): You will ensure that all logistical needs are met, e.g. booking meeting room and venue, minute-taking, etc.

Communications Team (2): You will be the first point of contact to invited speakers and attendees.

Marketing Chair (1): You will be in charge of developing the social media campaign, marketing materials and media partnerships for the Committee.

Sponsorship Team (2): You will manage sponsorship for the event.

Roles will change every event and every Committee member will have the opportunity to chair an event.

This role would suit you if you:

  • Willingness to raise awareness of Support Through Court 
  • Are looking for a long term, flexible volunteering role
  • Enjoy fundraising and would like to connect with likeminded people
  • Are a good communicator, as you will be working with a wide range of different people
  • Are collaborative and team focused, as you will take part in regular meetings and discussions

Opportunities and benefits

Becoming a member of the Support Through Court Alumni Committee will bring a variety of different rewards and opportunities for you to enjoy, such as:

  1. A short and detailed induction into Support Through Court, how we operate and a tour of the Support Through Court's based in the Royal Courts of Justice
  2. Acquiring further skills in fundraising, marketing, event management, networking, persuasive writing and volunteering
  3. Ongoing support through regular communication and one to one phone calls or face to face meetings (upon request) from the Support Through Court Fundraising team
  4. An opportunity to forge new friendships and network, both in the Committee and in the legal sector
  5. A reference upon request

How much time do you need to commit?

You will be asked to attend approximately 6 meetings per year. This is based on meetings being organised once every two months. The regularity of these meetings will be decided by the Committee, as well as the exact dates for the year.

You will need to commit to stay in the Committee for at least one year and attend all events organised by the Committee.


Please send your CV and cover letter to describing why you are interested in the role and which of the above attributes you would bring to the Committee. We will accept applications on a rolling basis until all roles are filled.