Text to Donate


Text to donate directly to Support Through Court

Text to Donate is a great tool which can be used to donate directly to Support Through Court in a simple and fast way

All you need to do is text the code Support Through Court to 70085

This will donate £10 directly to support people facing court alone

Texts cost £10 plus your standard rate message

Want to donate to a specific Support Through Court service?

You can choose a keyword to donate to a specific Support Through Court service location, text your chosen keyword to 70085

To donate to:

- Barnet, text SUPPORTBAR
- Birmingham, text SUPPORTBIRM
- Bournemouth, text SUPPORTBOURN
- Bristol, text SUPPORTBRIST
- Cardiff, text SUPPORTCARD
- Central Family Court, text SUPPORTCFC
- Chelmsford, text SUPPORTCHEL
- Coventry, text SUPPORTCOV
- Chester, text SUPPORTCHES
- Exeter, text SUPPORTEXE
- Leeds, text SUPPORTLEEDS
- Liverpool, text SUPPORTLIV
- Manchester, text SUPPORTMAN
- Newcastle, text SUPPORTNEWC
- Nottingham, text SUPPORTNOTTS
- Preston, text SUPPORTPRES
- Sheffield, text SUPPORTSHEFF
- Southend, text SUPPORTSTHEND
- Southampton, text SUPPORTSOUTH
- Royal Courts of Justice, text SUPPORTRCJ
- Wandsworth, text SUPPORTWAND
- West London Family Court, text SUPPORTWLFC

Want to donate a different amount?

The amounts which can be donated via text are: £20, £15, £10, £5, £4, £3, £2 OR £1. The maximum amount that can be donated per text is £20.

You can text your chosen keyword followed by the amount you want to donate:

SUPPORT 20 to 70085 - means that £20 will be donated

SUPPORT 15 to 70085 - means that £15 will be donated

SUPPORT to 70085 - means that £10 will be donated (the default amount)

SUPPORT 5 to 70085 - means that £5 will be donated

SUPPORT 2 to 70085 - means that £2 will be donated

SUPPORT 1 to 70085 - means that £1 will be donated

Gift aid

After you have texted to donate you will receive a thank you message with a link to fill out an online gift aid form. If you are UK tax payer please fill out this form with your information. This will allow us to claim an extra 25% on top of your donation, helping your donation go further to support people through court.

Marketing and opting out

If you text to donate to Support Through Court, you will automatically opt in to receive calls/texts about fundraising appeals, campaigns, events and news. In order to opt out of these calls and texts you can ring the fundraising team on 02079476358, or email fundraising@supportthroughcourt.org, and we will remove your number and information from our database.

Terms and conditions

- In order to donate via text you must be sixteen years or older and have the bill payers permission.

- To set up a regular donation, please confirm you agree to the recurring charge by responding 'YES' to the confirmatory message sent through to you by the text to donate service. This costs your donation amount plus two standard rate messages. Once you set up a recurring payment, you will be charged that amount per month going forward. 

- By texting to donate you agree to opt in to charity marketing calls/texts from Support Through Court, please see the above section on opting out.

- You understand that the text to donate platform that we use, called DONR, charges 5% of each donation made. Therefore Support Through Court will receive 95% of your donation.

- You understand that in order for us to claim gift aid on your donation, you must be a UK taxpayer, and fill out the online gift aid form.

- You understand that the text to donate platform DONR, along with Support Through Court, will receive your full name, phone number, and if you complete the gift aid form, your address. This information will not be shared.

- Donations made to Support Through Court via text to donate are non-refundable.