The Carey Club


The Carey Club is a group of our closest supporters who donate £600 or more each year.

How does the Carey Club help

The donations of Carey Club members enable us to open new services in locations of high deprivation. At each location, Support Through Court volunteers tailor their help to each individual they support. Volunteers provide support, such as explaining court proceedings and processes, helping fill in complicated legal forms, and assisting in writing and submitting the correct paperwork to the court. As a result, clients are more likely to achieve a fair hearing.

What do members get

As a member of the Carey Club, you will have the opportunity to connect more directly with our work and see more clearly the impact of your generosity through:

  • Regular updates from the CEO and Trustees.
  • Receiving our annual report and quarterly newsletter, so you can read how your donations transform lives.
  • The chance to visit one of our services to see our work in action and meet our volunteers and staff.
  • The opportunity to tell us what you think of the charity, so we can improve our service to meet the growing demand.
  • Priority booking to our unique and exclusive social events throughout the year.
  • Most importantly, being a valued member of a charity that helps thousands of people every year as they navigate through the intimidating court system.

How do I become a member

You can join as a Carey Club member by downloading and sending us our  printable form or alternatively you can contact us using the address below to request a form be posted to you.
Address: Support Through Court, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand WC2A 2LL.

If you’d like more information on the Carey Club, please get in touch with Rocio Hernandez-Mora by email, , or phone, 0207 073 1703.