London Volunteer Fundraising Board


Want to raise funds to help people going through court alone? Join the London Volunteer Fundraising Board

What we do

The London Volunteer Fundraising Board (LVFB) raises funds to help people facing court alone by:
  • Engaging corporate support – through individual’s company or personal network
  • Gift in kind support – offer rooms for meetings and events, or offer marketing expertise
  • Introducing speakers for events
  • Selling tickets to events
  • Promoting our work to personal and professional networks, to engage supporters and sponsors
  • Donating £50 per month which over a year will support over 30 people through our service ( this can be made on your behalf through your company's CSR program)

Who we are

The LVFB’s members are senior level individuals with a drive to increase access to justice by empowering people to navigate the complexities of court, often in very stressful life circumstances.  Current members are,

  • Tim Nash, CEO of Edwin Coe
  • Helen Greenfield, Solicitor, Mediator & Collaborative Lawyer for Family Law in Partnership
  • Helen Alexander, Direct Public Access Barrister, Chambers of Helen Alexander- Family Court Barrister
  • Catherine Bamford, CEO and Founder of BamLegal

Opportunities & benefits

Join the LVFB and:
  • Make a positive impact on your community, empower people alone in court
  • Be part of a successful volunteer fundraising board and help take their fundraising to the next level
  • Acquire further skills in fundraising, leadership and volunteering
  • Become part of the Support Through Court family, with receive regular updates , visits to your local service and invitations to events

Past LVFB events

  • 2017: Breakfast lecture with Lord Neuberger, during his final months as President of the Supreme Court in partnership with BBC Parliament and The Law Society.
  • 2018: Breakfast discussion on the introduction of the Online Courts in partnership with Microsoft and The Law Society. 
  • 2019: Breakfast panel event about Access to Justice and how Legal Tech can help 

More information

To find out more about the London Volunteer Fundraising Board, please email Carmen O'Loughlin at