Facing court without a lawyer in London?

If you're facing family or civil court without a lawyer in London, we're here to help before, during or after you go to court. We can provide practical and emotional support, but please note we can't give legal advice.

Civil cases

We help with civil cases, for example money claims, housing, employment, judicial reviews:

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Family cases

If you are going to court to sort out a family law problem, like divorce, arrangements for your children, or non-molestation/occupation orders, we can help. 

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How we can help

We know that if you cannot get legal aid and cannot afford the help of a solicitor, it is very stressful and difficult. We can:

  • Explain how the court works, help fill in forms, organise papers, and discuss settling issues without going to court
  • Help plan what you want to say in court, and if needed, go with you to court to provide support and help afterwards
  • Provide details of other specialist advice agencies, where possible, and help you find out whether you can get free legal advice
  • Please note we are unable to help with criminal cases (including motoring offences). Should you need help in this area, you can look for a free legal advice clinic that deals with crime.

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